The Following Story​.​.​. (A Midnight Pursuit)

by AllOne



Things aren't always as they seem. Sometimes what is within us is often scarier than the externally perceived threat. Preconceptions aren't truth.

While touring through Rhode Island, my friend Owen related this story to me. I thought it was particularly poignant especially in these nervous, painful and racially tense times. The instrumental is courtesy of my Cali producer friend Wise1.

Fun Hint: This is a priming, foreshadowing nod to the sort of narrative work you can expect when my next LP is released.



Battened hatches foreclosed,
battered homes riddled with alcoholism
beggars battle for clothes in an
abysmal neighborhood with Cabot Grove Syndrome.
This will act as the backdrop given to this narrative which
a Providence native named Dave is starring in.
A martial arts event wanted him in NYC,
so South Bronx it is,
he's walking in a part of town whose
blocks emit an ambiance that is ominous
to get to his lodging from the conference he was talking in.
He isn't an ounce racist,
but his paler pallor makes his
out of place status obvious
as every scowling countenance
he's encountered has had darker skin.
An oppressed twilight lit aggressive environment
he perceives forthwith so he proceeds forth with cautions.
His radar gets the guarded alarm a stranger's following him
and a provocative powerful panic prompts his nausea,
as he feels how the field mouse that sees the hawk does.

Dave is terrified of the situation
but not “petrified” as they say by its grim implications,
thus he quickens his pace a little bit (prays)
give HIM his praise, hoping he isn't his prey,
this isn't the place!
Adrenaline is in play,
the hair on the nape of his neck has been raised,
he continuously fancies to feign
a stretch in attempts to catch
inconspicuous glances
out of the corner of his eye of his advancing assailant...
he can't be sure if morbid in design
but his pernicious pursuer is a veritable formidable giant!
Of course this is inciting thoughts of his daughter and his wife
torturing his mind he grapples with his horror and his fright,
is this prejudice, cowardice, or precaution and insight?
Friends offered him a kindly ride
warned him of this time of night
by the by he's bordering a blinding bias
boiling down to binding frightening “fight or flight”

Needing to sedate of all this tension,
He figures if he changes direction
he'd gauge if this presence
is aiming to get him
engagement is dreaded...
surprised by his wish that he came with a weapon,
(or maybe mace for the menace.)
He turns to cross an intersection,
imagination havoc, mayhem, hectic
like the butterflies in his midsection,
the awful brute behind him also alters his route,
follows suit so continues our pursuit.
Dave shudders as his predator shouts after him
(HEY!) evidently endeavoring to capture him.
He thinks of everything he's got to lose.
The guy tries to catch up (or more like catch Dave)
preemptive, reflexive, he tenses
defensive, the training of Senseis
he can sense a heightened zen state instated,
hence David fast he spun around
finding Goliath towered over him his hand thrusting out,
Dave jumped back waiting for a handgun to sound,
The guy goes,
“Yo man, I just found this
saw it land on the ground..
here's your wallet, you should watch it,
this is a bad part of town!”


released May 20, 2017
Written and performed by Bruce "AllOne" Pandolfo
Produced by WiseOne
Illustration by Dani Blum (
recorded, mixed and mastered by Franky Bones of Down The Drain Productions at Field 10 Studios.
Graphic Design by Mike Sette



all rights reserved



An experimental hip-hop lyricist, performance poet, singer/songwriter, author, beat-boxer. AllOne molds a brain into the shape of a heart and squeezes it onto a page to write thoughtful and sentimental lyrics laced with tight knit wordplay, rhyme patterns and poetic devices. Utilizing any genre and any musical means to make a genuine and meaningful conversation with you, the appreciated listener. ... more

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